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We’re right near you to take the dry cleaners and laundry burden off your modern-day, fast-paced, hectic lifestyle. As the only boutique Dry Cleaner in all of Delhi, we offer all-purpose laundry service under one roof. Our services include general laundry, Dry Cleaners, Sofa and Carpet Cleaning, and Shoe Cleaning. We have our own fully-automated, state-of-the-art processing unit to clean the tough stains that accumulate on expensive and heavy fabrics; including silk, linen, leather, suede, canvas, and any other fabric. Removal of these stains involves professional treatment of stains you can see and stains you can’t. We use only the appropriate chemicals required for each type of fabric, and these chemicals are non-toxic and completely Eco-Friendly. Fabric cleaning is handled by our trained technicians who are skilled in the chemical processes of dirt removal. We also provide Ironing Services for the different fabrics that require individual and specialized ironing care, so that your garments and other fabrics go back to you crisply ironed, looking as good as new. Our front office is staffed by customer service executives who will take your order, and also provide consultancy services to solve any and all of your laundry-related problems.

As the customer, you get a lot of benefits by using Spotless Wasche as your Dry Cleaners Provider. We are located right near you, so you can avail yourself of our services by making just one phone call, or visiting us in person. We provide doorstep services, so you save a lot of time. We will pick up your order, drop it off, and provide express services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, you can take advantage of our services from the comfort of your home or office by interacting with us through our online services; you can book your order, arrange for pick-up and delivery of your garments and fabrics, and choose from several online payment options. Our services are fast, efficient and reliable. And you get all these at highly competitive prices, thus saving you money.

We provide free pick and delivery services in prime South Delhi localities such as Dry Cleaners Saket, Dry Cleaners Malviya Nagar, Dry Cleaners HauzKhas, Dry Cleaners Greater Kailash, Dry Cleaners Kalkaji, Dry Cleaners Vasant Kunj, Dry Cleaners Chattarpur, and nearby areas.



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Dry Cleaning

Save More with the Best Dry Cleaners

We offer professional Dry Cleaning Services in the South Delhi areas of Saket, Malviya Nagar, Greater Kailash, HauzKhas, Kalkaji, Vasant Kunj, Chattarpur and the vicinity. Dry Cleaning is an elaborate technical process of removing stubborn stains and dirt using chemical solvents. It is highly recommended for the items in your wardrobe that are expensive and need careful cleaning. Some of these items include linens, silks, woolens and tweeds. Our Dry Cleaning Service gives you the following benefits at the most competitive prices.

Take care of expensive material. Your wardrobe most likely has many items that are expensive and need careful cleaning. Some of these items include linens, silks, woolens and tweeds. In the summer months, the heat and humidity of the atmosphere and the sweat from our bodies cause these garments to leave spots and stains on them. These stains cannot be removed by conventional washing; in fact, conventional washing can damage such expensive garments. Other than garments, there are fabrics that are heavy or richly embroidered; such as bed sheets, curtains and sofa covers. It is nearly impossible to clean these fabrics at home. Hence, such expensive fabrics are best cleaned by dry cleaning, also known as dry wash. Our professional dry-cleaners staff will clean all your garments and heavy fabrics to your absolute satisfaction. Our dry cleaning services are located very near to you, just a phone call away. These qualities make Spotless Wasche the best Dry Cleaning Service in Delhi.

Remove stubborn stains. Many a time, tea, coffee, soft drinks and other liquids may spill accidentally on your clothes. Sometimes, when taking delivery of your car from the body shop, or stepping inside a taxi that has just been serviced, grease or other motor oil may stain your clothes. These kinds of stains are extremely stubborn and cannot be removed by oneself using conventional washing methods. In fact, if you try to remove these stains yourself, using your own expertise or using off-the-shelf stain removers, you might actually damage the fabric and leave indelible spots and stains in those areas of the fabric. Such fabrics with stubborn stains on them need to be Dry Cleaned. Dry Cleaning is an elaborate process of removing stubborn stains and dirt using chemical solvents. These solvents react with the stains and gently remove them from the fabric. For really stubborn stains, the process may have to be repeated more than once, using alternative solvents. Our Professional Dry Cleaners possess the complete know how of the Dry Cleaning process; such as technical knowledge of the solvents to be used with the appropriate fabric, the appropriate solvent to be used for the appropriate stain, and the appropriate duration of the application. This professional knowledge of the dry cleaning process ensures that stubborn stains from your garments and fabrics are removed to your utmost satisfaction, and they are returned to you looking as good as new. Our dry cleaning services are located very near you. We do provide pick-up and delivery from and to your home.

Save money. In the long run, you save money by getting your fabrics Dry Cleaned. Dry Cleaning allows your fabrics to stay fresh longer, and thereby to be used many times over.

Laundry Services

Best quality, Laundry Near Me

We provide premium laundry services in the South Delhi areas of Saket, Malviya Nagar, Greater Kailash, and the vicinity. Our services include washing, folding, and ironing. We use high quality detergents and chemicals that are completely Eco-Friendly, and hence gentle on your fabrics. In addition, we offer antiseptic wash and fabric softener. We use imported machines and equipment that are computer-controlled to ensure the perfect result for each type of fabric. We will wash, finish and pack your laundry items ready for delivery. We are happy to serve you for all of your laundry requirements, and below is a the list of benefits you will get by availing yourself of our services.

Save time. Nowadays no one has the time to do their own washing. People prefer to do more useful things with their time than spend it on sitting in front of a laundry machine. You can save time by letting us provide our best laundry services for you. Dirt mostly accumulates on garments at the collars, under-arms, cuffs, and thighs. To remove this dirt, we provide Xpress laundry services for all of your garments; be they shirts, shorts, tees, trousers, vests, jackets, bed-linen, table-linen, bath-towels, and such daily items of use. Spotless Wasche has a large team of professionally-trained staff so that every customer’s order can be executed in the minimum possible time, while ensuring the best quality output.

Located near you. You do not have to go far to find our services. We are located very near to you. We offer doorstep services and will pick up and deliver your garments and fabrics from and to your home. We are just a call away.You can sit in the comfort of your home and avail yourself of our services completely online. You can select the service you want, the day and time of your convenience for your laundry items to be picked up and delivered, the type of washing you want, and various payment options.

Ironing service. Ironing is a very laborious task if done at home. One needs a large space to lay out the clothes or fabrics, after which they have to be ironed and folded. Different clothes need different temperature settings; otherwise clothes may become damaged. Also, there are various techniques of allowing the iron to come in direct contact with fabrics. Some fabrics need to be ironed while laid out flat, and others need to be ironed in a vertical position. To take care of these various techniques of ironing, we offer professional Ironing and Folding service for all of your clothes and fabrics. Your clothes will be delivered in top condition looking neat, fresh, and as good as new.

Washing process. Generally, when washing clothes by ourselves, we put all the clothes together in the washing machine. We also apply one type of detergent for all the clothes. This is because we neither have the time nor the know-how to separate clothes to apply different washing techniques. But different fabrics need different washing cycles, temperature settings, and cleaning solvents. Our professional staff will wash all your clothes using the appropriate washing process required for each garment or type of fabric. In this way, your clothes will last much longer, saving you money in the bargain.

Shoes Cleaning

Shoes Cleaning


Premium shoe cleaning service
Our unique Shoe cleaning service is available in the South Delhi areas of Saket, Malviya Nagar, Greater Kailash, and the vicinity.“Shoes make the the man”is an old proverb, and applies equally to men and women. It means that people look at your shoes to judge your overall presentation. You might have a very smart personality, and be very well-dressed; but if your shoes are not clean, they will not match your personality and the clothes you are wearing.This leaves an unfavorable impression on people. Smart, clean shoes are the hallmarks of every gentleman and lady, so shoes they should be cleaned regularly. Spotless Wasche offers premium shoe cleaning service at highly competitive rates, and the following are the benefits you get from our shoe cleaning service.

Dirt removal. Shoes are often the last thing on our mind because we don’t give them the importance they deserve. There are shoes that we wear regularly, and there are shoes that we wear on special occasions. Either way, shoes gather dirt and dust very easily. You may brush your shoes before leaving home, but over time, such brushing is not enough. If shoes are not worn for a long time, the uppers begin to show signs of cracking. Now, it often happens that you have dressed up nattily for a party, or a special occasion, and then find that your dress shoes are dirty, dusty, or faded. At that time, you neither have the resources available to clean your shoes, nor the time to clean them. Spotless Wasche offers the premium service of cleaning your shoes and returning them to you looking as good as new.Shoe cleaning is a unique service offered by us that make us one of the best laundry services in Delhi. For best results, we recommend that you send us your full shoe set to be cleaned by us at regular intervals. This will ensure that your shoes breathe well and stay in good condition for a long time.

Custom cleaning. A good wardrobe requires shoes to match the various garments of the wardrobe. Thus, shoe fabric may be of animal hide, synthetic hide, suede, rubber, canvas, and many other materials. Shoes, especially women’s shoes, also come in a variety of shades and colors. Sometimes, shoe soles and uppers may be made of different fabrics. Conventional shoe polishing done by cobblers may not be the best way to clean shoes, since there are various techniques of shoe cleaning depending upon the fabric of the shoes. Also, conventional shoe polishing may lack the original shoe polish color of your shoes, and hence turn them into some color other than the original. But we are expert at all of the different techniques of shoe polishing. For some shoe fabrics, we also offer shoe dry cleaning. We are located very near to you, so we can do an express service of taking your shoes, cleaning them, and returning them to you in the fastest possible time. Spotless Wasche will clean your shoes, of whatever fabric they might be, and return them to you so your feet become the cynosure of all eyes at an occasion.

Sofa & Carpet Cleaning

Clean Home Fresh Energy

We offer sofa and carpet cleaning services in the south Delhi areas of Sofa Cleaning Saket, Malviya Nagar, Sofa Cleaning Greater Kailash, Sofa Cleaning HauzKhas, Sofa Cleaning Kalkaji, Vasant Kunj, Chattarpur and the vicinity.Sofas are the most elegant part of one’s living room. They are also found in offices and showrooms. As such, they are one of the most-used items of furniture. People sit on them all times of the day, whether they are members of one’s household, friends, guests, office staff and customers. If there are children in the premises, they often jump on them. Like sofas, carpets are also found in homes, offices, and showrooms and get dirty very quickly since they are stepped on by large numbers of people. Our professional sofa and carpet service cleaning gives you the following benefits at low, prices.

Sofa covers. Generally, most sofas are covered by removable sofa covers. Such covers can comprise various fabrics; such as leather, cotton, linen, satin, silk, and synthetic. Sofa covers come in a variety of colors also; ranging from pastels to bright prints. Really elegant sofa covers can be richly embroidered with fabric thread, and even threads of gold and zari. The places where dirt most accumulates on sofa covers are the arms and the head rest. Dirt from people’s hands and arms gets deposited on the sofa arms, while dirt and grease from people’s hair get deposited on the head rest. During parties, guests often spill liquids or drop oily substances on them. In short, sofas take a major beating in the house or the office. Hence, cleaning of sofa covers is a difficult job if one tries to do it by himself. Spotless Wasche will clean your sofa covers using specialized professional treatment. The treatment will depend upon the type of fabric, the color of the fabric, and the type of stain on the fabric. We are located very near you, and can pick up your order from your home or office and deliver it to whatever location you specify.

Sofas. Many people like to show off the original sofa upholstery, so their sofas do not have the protective covering of sofa covers. In these instances, cleaning the sofas is a major task. Self-treatment may work, but it may not work as well as professional treatment. The cleaning may not be done uniformly, with the result that unpleasant patches will be seen to remain in places. For this purpose, Spotless Wasche offers sofa dry cleaning service at your home. That is why we count ourselves as the best laundry service in South Delhi. We are located very near to you; so give us a call, and our expert sofa technician will visit and do the makeover at your home.All the necessary ingredients will be taken to your home, and you can watch your sofas getting cleaned in front of your eyes.

Carpet cleaning. Carpets are found in people’s homes, in offices, in movie theaters, auditoria, hotels, and ballrooms. Sometimes carpets may be rolled out for an occasion only, while in some locations such as ballrooms and movie theaters, carpets are permanently fixed from wall to wall. Obviously, when carpets are used in such public locations, they get extremely dirty from the dirt from people’s shoes. The corners of fixed carpets are especially hard to clean. And if the carpet is white in color, or a pastel shade, dirt is seen on it as soon as it has been walked over. Hence, carpet cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis, and it requires a thorough knowledge of the cleaning process. It is a major activity which Spotless Wasche can do with its technical know how of the process. Spotless Wasche’s treatment of your carpets will make them last longer, thus saving you valuable time, money, and energy.


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How Often Should Clothes Be Dry Cleaned?

Dry cleaning is a process that uses a chemical solvent to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt on your clothes. It is usually recommended for expensive or delicate fabrics that would not withstand the rough-and-tumble wash of a regular washing cycle. But how often should you give your clothes to be dry cleaned? That’s what we’ll discuss here.

The occasion. The frequency of sending your clothes to the dry cleaners depends upon the occasion on which you’ve worn your clothes, the way in which you used them, and the condition in which you took them off. In general, with ordinary washing of clothes, frequent washing causes your clothes to lose color, fray, and go out of shape. These damages are ones we can bear as far as our everyday wear is concerned, but not damages tour expensive or delicate fabrics. Hence, keep track of the occasion on which you’ve worn your expensive clothes and send them to be dry cleaned accordingly.

Manufacturer’s label. Check the label attached to your clothes. If the label says “Dry clean only,” then do follow that instruction precisely. If it says “Dry cleaning recommended,” take that as an instruction to dry clean only. If it says “Dry cleaning optional,” then you may decide to wash the clothes carefully at home; but it still makes better sense to spend a few extra bucks and get them professionally dry cleaned.

After season change. Change of season should be a routine time to send your clothes to be dry cleaned. White or colored linens, jackets, and waistcoats that you’ve worn over the summer need to be dry cleaned. After autumn and winter, all those semi-heavy and heavy jackets and overcoats definitely need to be dry cleaned. These include the down jackets with polyester outers.

After a party. This depends on how raucous or staid the party was. If you’ve done a lot of dancing and stomping around, you may want to send the clothes you wore straight to the dry cleaners. Dancing causes particularly the ends of trousers and gowns to accumulate dirt from the dance floor. But if it was a relatively quiet event, you may choose to have your clothes dry cleaned after wearing them a couple of times more. Crushed clothes. Clothes that have suffered quite a bit of banging and have become crushed as a result, are best sent to the dry cleaners immediately. Dirt stains tend to accumulate in the creases, and need to be removed as soon as possible.

After travel. Travel takes a heavy toll on clothes. There are the clothes you’ve worn during a long flight, and the clothes you’ve packed in your suitcase for the stay overseas, or for the local holiday at the beach or in the hills. You’ll notice that the lap area gets the dirtiest, because that’s where we tend to rest our sweaty elbows and palms most of the time. Then there are collars and cuffs, both of which get dirty quite soon. If you’ve been traveling in and out of your hotel room, you won’t get the opportunity of getting your clothes laundered, let alone dry cleaned; so dry cleaning is the first thing you’ll need to do when you return home.

General frequency. In general, you should dry clean garments that you wear close to your skin–such as shirts–after a single wear; trousers and slacks after about three wears; and jackets and overcoats after several wears. The thing to do is watch your clothes for stains, dirt marks and crushed appearance; and use your judgment about when to next send them to be dry cleaned.

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How to Choose Best Dry Cleaners

In today’s busy life we have shortage of time and  choosing a best quality dry cleaners is tough task. Even if you search on google it will give you a long list of Dry Cleaners and to attract the customer everyone claim that they are the best.

We are one of the best dry cleaners in Delhi and offer all our services using best in class machines and equipment.
For more information how we process your clothes just go through our corporate video and find how we take care for your clothing.


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